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Photography Services

1) We handle photography projects across all needs for:
individuals and corporate businesses.
*We also bring over 10 years experience handling the detailed varied photography assignments in the oil& gas industry
as well aerial photography on land and offshore (by helicopter)

2) Available for your use are stock images of Nigerian cultures,peoples and places made over 10 years

3) We have collectible photographs of essentially Nigerian/African themes that can adorn your walls or used as gifts -
We will put up a personalised exhibition for you and your visiting friends.
(Service available between Thursdays and  Saturdays only .  Call us for an appointment)

We can be reached on our Contact us page
Phone: +234 (0)8051 577 566 (mobile)
     +234 (01) 89 87835 Land Line (Office Hours)
276, Murtala Mohammed Way, Alagomeji, Yaba,Lagos, Nigeria


Select  Clients (Photographic Projects & Assignments)

·         Pearson Publishers, UK.

·         Chevron Nigeria Ltd.

·         Pinnacle Communications Ltd, Nigeria

·         Noble Drilling Nigeria( branch of Noble Drilling, USA)

·         The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.

·         Mona Matthews, Nigeria

·         Out of Africa, Nigeria.

·         Topic Magazine (topicmag.com) New York, USA.

·         Verity, Nigeria.

·         Beampeh, Nigeria.

·         Market Trends/RI Nigeria.

·         Fate Foundation, Nigeria.

·         Vivid Features, Nigeria.

·         Syssoft Consultants Nigeria.

·         Abraka Polo Club, Nigeria.
National Troupe of Nigeria

 Stock Collection: 5,000 - 15,000 photos

General Subject Areas: Stock Pictures of Nigerian/African Culture, Lifestyle and contemporary African Images.

Books / Publication Credits: Includes publication by Pearson,UK and others

Geographic Coverage: Lagos and major Southern States in Nigeria, Africa.

Other services: still-llife,macro,photojournalism, people and lifestyle,aerial photography in oil and gas,

Affiliations: Has done extensive work for oil and gas industry on various assignments since 2002 Stock photos have been supplied to publishers as Pearson in UK etc Works have been exhibited at Documenta 11,Germany 50th Venice Biennale,Italy 5th Gwangju Bienale,South Korea Tate Britain,London Renaissance Museum,University f Chicago,US and more

Typical Stock Photo Examples:
Two 2 African Nigerian masquerades, in colorful regalia, woman in local African attire, African dressing, Nigerian African weaving, Nigerian African traditional cloth, african nigerian fabric, african nigerian young woman headgear, african nigerian looking away, Three 3 african Nigerian local drummers, african nigerian musicians drumming, african nigerian singing , nigerian badagry Marina slave route, nigeria Slave Port Badagry, african nigerian man sitting, african nigerian reading book sun, african nigerian couple, african nigerian family Mother, african nigerian Father child looking, african nigerian family looking something interest, close shot African Nigerian masquerade, african nigerian face mask, african nigerian colorful head regalia, African nigerian traditional mat weaver weaving, african nigeria traditional drummer, african nigerian beating traditional drum, african nigerian drum mounted shoulder, African Nigerian woman selling, african nigerian arranging local beads, african nigerian neck beads, african nigerian traditional jewelry local fair, african nigeria Badagry Entrance slave Baracoon, badagry sheds enclosure forty 40 slave cells, nigeria Badagry garbage waste disposal, africa nigeria wearing raffia hat, africa nigerican hat covering face, nigerian traditional fabric designs, african nigerian colors Aso-Oke Yoruba, nigerian yoruba traditional male caps, nigerian yoruba headgears, African Nigerian Female traditional dancer, african nigerian dressed local fabric jumping high smile teeth showing, african nigerian traditional musical instrument, african nigerican traditional dancser looking sky hands spread out, africa
nigeria Entrance Gate Slave Port Badagry 16th 18th century, African nigerian traditional male dancing costume Northern Hausa singing, african nigerian playing local traditional wooden instrument. African nigerian child masquerade colorful dress regalia dancing, African nigerian female dancer colorful leather dress, african nigerian dancing arms hands raised up, african nigeria Two male dancers red white costume squatting, african nigeria crouching fishnet over bodies dancing sun, african nigeria Three 3 young women girls ladies Lagos, african Nigeria plaiting weaving hair, Two 2 female women dancers wearing head gear made of traditional Nigerian African beads.
Old woman with shaved head surrounded by two younger women in dancing pose. A black native man almost naked bare chest with mouth open agape teeth showing looking and staring at something of interest while standing. Fishermen dancers with rowing sticks or rods from Badagry, dancing in the sun kneeling on the grass in action.,,,

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